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Swearing in Executive Board Officers
Everett Labor Temple, January 15, 2017. President Kathleen Custer swears in our Executive Board Officers from our properties at Community Transit, First Transit Everett, First Transit Lakewood, Senior Services, and Island Transit. We thank them for their committment to come in on Sunday mornings once a month and give the reports from their properties, participate in contract negotiation, act as shop stewards, advise the membershp, defend the contract with management and all the other roles they will take on! They, along with our shop stewards make our local strong and united!

Shop Steward Training 2016
We had THIRTY ONE attendees and TWENTY ONE new shop stewards sign up this time. Our membership is INVOLVED and ENGAGED. United we are STRONG! Thank you to our friend and ATU brother Howard Boyle for these excellent pictures of the training!

Joint Industrial Council Training 2016
Held at the Tommy Douglas Conference Center in Silver Spring MD, March 3-6, 2016. Pictured with International President Larry Hanley.

May 20th, 2014 National Transit Call Congress Day

ATU Activist Training Chicago 2014
ATU activists in Chicago bombard their Senators with calls urging them to support increased funding for public transit in the surface transportation bill.

ATU Photos
These pictures are an assortment of some that we have taken over the years, a walk down mamory lane!

ATU Photos
Pictures taken throughout the years. Lots of great memories!

2011 Labor History Calendar
Featuring VP Rick Jurkovic!

2013 ATU Can/Am Conference
The 19th Annual CAN-AM Conference held June 2013. The agenda included presentations from Larry Hanley, International President, and a president's forum on what is working in some of the larger locals, among others. Topics for this year's co...nferece were Privatization and Technology, Right to Work, Attacks on Public Workers Unions, and Survival for the Labor Movement: a How To Guide. A true highlight for this conference was a presentation by Elmore Nickleberry, an original participant of the Sanitation Workers strike in Memphis. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was in Memphis to support this movement when he was assasinated. Mr. Nickleberry is still employed by the Memphis sanitation department, after 50+ years and had to leave the presentation directly after in order to report to work on time. Please take time to watch this inspiring video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiK869O89tM

ATU 1576
Pictures from our work for the world of transit!

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