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COPE CONTRIBUTIONS by Financial Secretary/Treasurer John Sainz

I have been asked, why bother? Labor is on a losing streak. My response is that small vctories do occur. Also, the International works hard lobbying Congress to, if not prevent negative legislation, at least limit the damage. It is no secret that times are tough for Labor Unions, but the ATU has been able to organize private sector employees of First Transit, Veolia and MV Transport. When seeking funds for transit, ATU has been able to work in conjunction with transit agencies.
My predecessor had a good working relationship in seeking funding for transit with CT's Todd Morrow, a relationship I hope to build on. Others have told me they weren't interested; they don't agree with union political leanings. I can appreciate that. However, when it comes to finding money to keep transit on land, not under water, ALL OF US in the industry have a common goal, KEEPING OUR JOBS! As to political leanings, Local 1576 has supported Republicans as well as Democrats in the past.
I am aware that times are tight and costs are rising. I am asking though, that you reconsider if you are not currently contributing to COPE. No amount, big or small, will be refused. I am also asking those of you who do contribute to contribute a little more if you are able; every penny you can afford is greatly appreciated and the cause a worthy one.

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