Local 1576

Member to Member Disputes by Vice President Rick Jurkovic

Some members would like to see a fellow brother or sister brought before the Union and kicked out. I assure you, this is not going to happen, this is not our function and this is not what we were elected into office to do. Our job is to enforce the contract, negotiate, bargain, represent and organize. Doing all we can to bring about better wages, benefits and working conditions for our members.

What we have attempted to do is talk to the members, and get in the middle so to speak. Member A tells us all about member B and vice versa. Then we talk to member B about what member A's concerns are. The first thing I always hear is denial and that the problem is the other person’s fault. I have gone back and forth between the members a couple of times and even though the problem doesn't really get resolved, it seems to go away. These two members will probably never become friends but at least they are not fighting. Basically, this is about all I can hope to accomplish.

The bottom line is, if you have a dispute with a fellow member; bring it to the Union before you take it to management. We will do what we can to stop the bickering as quickly as we can so we can get back to the Union business the members voted us into office to do.

We don't want management potentially looking at members who can't get along, and then start looking at them as trouble makers. Please remember, being the mediator is not really the job I signed on to do, but I will do what I can to prevent a member from self destructing and getting terminated.


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