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What Constitutes an Accident?

Contract negotiations are ongoing and while we cannot go into any specifics, we can report that real progress is being made, at least with respect to non-economic issues. We have tentative agreement on a number of changes to the contract language; however the hard negotiations over economic issues still lie before us. As of the time of this writing (last week of May) the negotiating team has met for a total of six days. A three day session is scheduled for June 19 through June 21 and two additional days have been set aside the following week. More dates have been aside in July. First Transit has presented some preliminary numbers, however we are still waiting for proposals regarding the medical plan, a topic that we recognize is particularly important to our membership. As we’ve noted before, nothing is firm until all aspects of the contract have been agreed to by the parties. Once we have an agreement, the proposed contract will be presented to the membership for an up or down vote. When this will occur at this point is anyone’s guess. We will keep you posted as things progress. Bill Taylor, Lakhjit Grewal & Charles Cox ATU 1576 Executive Board Members – First Transit Everett

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