Local 1576

The 2011 Arbitration Assessment

This arbitration assessment is called for whenever this special account falls below a certain balance at the end of the year. This account is isolated from the account that covers negotiations (another separate account) or operating expenses. There is a process involved that is ongoing all year with monthly updates at our member meetings detailing arbitrations and ULP’s, specifying the amounts spent and circulated in the form of Financial reports.

Expenses from our Arbitration/ULP account are not indiscriminately decided upon and applied. Before a grievance can go to arbitration, it must be approved by this Local's executive board and membership at each of our monthly meetings with the discussion that each arbitration will incur legal expenses. It's to our Union's advantage that we remember this fund protects all ATU members and needs to be replenished if we are to continue to fight for our members rights. Without the ability to arbitrate matters, we would undoubtedly lose many of our valuable job's benefits. And, as you probably are aware, our local’s win-record is nearly 100%, so needless to say, those assessments are in fact going for our membership's betterment.

The intent behind having the deduction come out in one payment was to take care of it a month prior to the actual lay-offs. The timing of this assessment is certainly unfortunate because of the layoffs however the assessment must be applied to all who were members as of December 31st. We’ve had this assessment in years past and it isn't a new practice.

We all are sympathetic to the multi-faceted dilemma in which the lay-offs will leave some of our members like you. Prior to February 18th, there will be an offer for our Local to provide a food donation/Safeway gift card to each separated member which we hope will provide some relief. A memo will come out soon with details on that from our President.

I hope that every one of our members being laid off will have the opportunity to return to work very soon.

In solidarity,

Patty Ceis
Financial Secretary-Treasurer


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