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While I am on my “soap box”, there was another area of concern in this same meeting that I attended regarding Cell Phones. The Federal Government wants “power off and out of sight” regarding personal cell phones. As of the first of the year, it is now a moving traffic violation to be talking on your cell phone while driving, prior to the first of the year it was a $124.00 fine. A moving traffic violation is pretty serious on the “driver’s abstract” for a CDL holder. On our private properties this violation may very well lead to termination. Also, remember what you do in your personal car may affect your CDL.
The question came up in a Labor Management meeting about what happens when there is a family emergency, how will the operator be notified? The short answer to that question is to share the dispatch number with your family in case of an emergency and the emergency information will get to you as quickly as possible. This is the policy at Community Transit, I am not sure how it is handled at the other properties but it is a good question to take up with your Labor Management committee.
I usually leave these topics for Management because, as you know, they get the “big bucks’, it’s their job. However, I did promise in the meeting that I would use the Union Web Page and the Quarterly Newsletter to get the word out to the membership on these issues. I hope you will all consider getting on the same page (laminated) regarding pre-trip inspections and the new law regarding cell phones.

Best Regards, and be safe!

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