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ATU International Has a New Vision by Vice President Rick Jurkovic

One of the interesting things about this campaign is that this is a place where labor and management agree and come together. Both of us want Transit funding, no question about it. You will be seeing a lot more about this in the near future and it is not a one-time deal, it will definitely be ongoing. I personally stuffed the mail boxes of all our members at Community Transit and First Transit Everett with literature regarding this campaign, not once, but twice. You will be seeing more and more about this in your "In Transit" publication. International President Larry Hanley is not going to give up on this vision because it works. Two years ago President Custer and I were summoned to Colorado at the expense of the International. This was like a "boot camp" where we were trained to engage the membership. We were up before daylight handing out flyers to ATU members asking if they "were in?". After engaging the members in Denver we were out the very next day engaging passengers to "VOTE TRANSIT"! This campaign was conducted in both Colorado and Ohio, both "swing states". Needless to say, both states elected candidates who support Transit issues. Recording Secretary Dani Julien has been posting all of this information on both the ATU 1576.org website and the ATU 1576 Facebook page. You really need to checkout both sites. Vote Transit is the theme and the vision of ATU International. Forget about all the petty issues that divide voters, rather concentrate on the ONE issue that unites us and that is voting for candidates who support transit. I am confident that our membership is intelligent and I won't need to tell them who the candidates are who support our industry. You're smart, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. It's time for solidarity, it's time to support Transit. You know what you need to do and we need your help and your support. In solidarity, Rick M. Jurkovic, Vice President ATU 1576

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