Local 1576

CHANGE by Vice President Rick Jurkovic

Nationwide the public has been in support of Transportation measures. The more people who ride mass transit the less cars are on the road. The one thing we can do is support the Transit initiatives in any way that we can to help ensure growth in our Industry. At our May E-Board meeting CT’s Chief of Strategic Communications, Todd Morrow, came in on his own time to give us a presentation about where we are at on this ballot measure. The Union leadership is committed to support this effort. Other changes that I hear about are considering Transit driving on the shoulders on commuter routes. That idea actually surprised me when I first read about it in the paper then the next thing I know there is a presentation on it at the CT Board of Director’s meeting. This of course has to be approved in Olympia where Transportation measures are getting the support of both Republicans and Democrats. Truly we have had our ups and downs in this industry but I think the future is going to be brighter. Just remember if you have the chance to support Transit in any way, please do. Until next time, best regards and be safe.

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