Local 1576

Recording Secretary's Report

The International ATU is committed to addressing health and safety issues our members face through legislation, regulation and collective bargaining. We at local 1576 are in the process of creating our own Health and Safety program, at the encouragement of the International, to address important problems our members face such as rest breaks, bathroom breaks, repetitive motion injury, and driver assault, among many others.


We as a union, are here to represent the best interests of all our members. The law states that the companies we work for must make all their employees aware of the proper way to submit concerns to them regarding unsafe working conditions. Problems occur when the employees don’t know what this process is, or if they feel the concern falls on deaf ears. As we move forward with our Safety program, we will be defining the major issues that affect our membership. We have begun that process by making contact with many of our properties, and their Safety managers, and listening to the concerns the membership brings forward. This is one more way the union can serve you, and we look forward to it.



It’s hard to believe the year is nearly over, and it has been an extremely busy and rewarding year us. I would like to personally welcome all of you new folks to the ATU family, and to wish all my brothers and sisters a very blessed Holiday Season and happy and healthy 2016!


In Solidarity, Dani Julien

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