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In other matters, several members have expressed concerns lately about having been through ‘annual reviews’ with Ken Rutz. Some have expressed puzzlement as to what these are all about, particularly since the reviews have included discussion about matters going back several years, not just the 1 year look-back permitted under the contract for disciplinary matters. I raised the issue at the most recent Labor-Management meeting, which was also attended by Paul Peterson and Rick Jurkovich, our ATU Local 1576 Vice President. Ken assured that these reviews are not intended to be punitive in any way, rather they are seen as an opportunity for the operator to sit down with management to review the driver’s driving record and discuss ways that the operator can improve their performance if there is a perceived need to do so. In some cases re-training is a recommended based on a scoring system which incorporates passenger comments among other factors. I suggested, since this can be an uncomfortable and even intimidating experience for the driver, that Ken put an explanation in an upcoming “My Turn” newsletter explaining the process and reasons for the reviews. In any event, it appears that this is something that each of us will be participating in going forward, so it is important for everyone to understand the process. If you have any questions or concerns about this matter, please be sure and bring it up with me or any of the other Executive Board members.

Finally, many of you have asked where our copies of the current contract are. My understanding is the holdup in getting the contract to our members is that it must be signed by a Sr. Vice President of H.R. at First Transit, Inc. Once we get the signed copy back, it will be signed by Kathleen Custer and sent off to our printer. So hopefully we will all have our copies soon. I will post an update on our website, www.ATU1576.org as soon as I have more information.


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