Local 1576

Make Yourself a Priority

The organization is trying to improve efficiency, but at a human cost that you and I will likely pay for, in part, with our health. As we know, driving a city bus is a physically demanding and mentally stressful occupation. We are out there, giving our best to this job and our community because we take great pride in serving our customers and staying on schedule.

Our priorities have always been Safety, Service and Schedule. Now, I am asking you to put yourself in that list of priorities. Although it may not be provided for, getting up at the end of each trip and walking through the bus, eating regularly, taking your maintenance breaks are crucial to avoid illness and injury.

Let your passengers know what you are doing, call into dispatch as required and take the time you need. I think that if we all do this, it may impact how the runs are cut in the future. Please be patient with fellow drivers who need and take these breaks. True, it’s going to be difficult, no matter which way we slice the apple. But please make yourself a priority, and take a driver maintenance break when you need to.

In Solidarity,

Dani Charles


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