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Benefits of Union Membership

Some of our FT-Everett members have complained about how it seems that we are paying for arbitrations at other properties. While it’s true that we have relatively few issues that aren’t resolved before going all the way to arbitration, that speaks more to the management we are fortunate enough to have here at Kasch Park Base, and their willingness to work things out before things get to that point, thus saving both the company, and the union, unnecessary expense. Elsewhere in this newsletter you will find a description of how we successfully got a workers job reinstated at First Transit-Lakewood, including full lost wages and taxes, even interest and reimbursement of medical expenses. This was made possible through the tireless efforts or your local union officers, particularly President Custer. Believe me, Kathleen has gained vast experience with dealing with intransigent management at the other properties that our local represents. And she has amassed an impressive record of wins in cases taken to arbitration, and that is something we all benefit from, even if our property is not directly involved in the dispute at issue.
You should also understand that nothing goes to arbitration before the membership gets to hear an explanation of the situation and the reason why we should, or should not, proceed.
But here’s the catch, you have to be in attendance in order to vote on the matter.
In solidarity,

William Taylor

First Transit Executive Board- Everett



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