Recording Secretary ATU 1576

In accordance with our local bylaws, Article 8, section 4, we will be filling, by appointment, the Recording Secretary position from a list of eligible members.

This position is open to all members of ATU Local 1576 that are in good standing.

To be considered, you must provide a letter of interest to the office of the Financial Secretary/Treasurer David Thompson, at 2810 Lombard, Suite 203, Everett WA 98201, within 14 days of this posting, September 10th, 2020 at close of business. At that time, this posting will be pulled, and consideration will be closed.

Since the International has called a moratorium on in person membership meetings due to the pandemic, the Executive Board has been tasked with this duty via their regularly scheduled Zoom meeting.

If you wish to address the board at this meeting, you must provide a cellphone number with your letter of interest so you can be notified how to virtually attend.

Kathleen M. Custer
President/ Business Agent

Danielle Julien
Vice President/ Asst. BA

Dave Thompson
Financial Secretary- Treasurer