COVID-19 Premium Pay Extended to May 15, 2021

From: Ric Ilgenfritz
My most recent message to you regarding temporary COVID-19 Premium Pay indicated my intent to bring it to end May 1, subject to continuous monitoring and review of our progress gaining control over the virus. The variety of metrics from we monitor from Snohomish County and the state are showing COVID-19 case rates continue to rise in Snohomish County and are now back at levels last seen in January. Because of this, I am extending Premium Pay two more weeks, to May 15.
To protect ourselves and each other from the virus, it’s as important as ever that we stay vigilant in those areas we know reduce the spread of disease: mask wearing, hand washing, and social distancing. We now have another powerful tool: vaccination. It is the most effective way to avoid infection and prevent COVID-19.
All employees are eligible to be vaccinated for free and appointments are now widely available, including evenings and weekends. By May 15, more than 70% of employees will have been eligible for vaccination for two months, and the rest for a month. I will receive my second dose Monday and am encouraged by the number of employees who have received their vaccinations.
If you have not already been vaccinated, please go to [] to make an appointment.
A recent alert from the county health board reported the following:
“A review of recent cases and outbreaks finds that gatherings continue to be the leading contributor. These have included baby showers, camping trips, high school sports, and get-togethers for church, in peoples’ homes, and at restaurants and bars. ….With 38% of the population having initiated vaccination and 23% completed, Snohomish County simply hasn’t reached a sufficient proportion of the population to interrupt the transmission of this very difficult to contain virus.”
If you need help scheduling a vaccination or if you have any questions about vaccination, please reach out to Employee Engagement.
COVID-19 supplemental leave is available if you have not used it already. This can be used to schedule an appointment or if you experience any side effects from the vaccine and need time to recover. We want to support employees however possible through this process. Thank you for your patience as we continue to navigate this together, and thank you for all that you do.