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Brothers and Sisters of ATU 1576,

As promised in our last letter, we are keeping our members updated on the progress of our impact bargaining over CT’s new policy on employee vaccination. Here are the most recent updates:

The new members for the Safety Committee are:

Pierre Sarey (P)                                 Laura Montano (A)

Inder Sharma (P)                               Josh Uhrig (A)

Mark Myers (P)                                 John Nicholls (A)

Darrell Johnson (P)                          Rebecca Brandis (A)

Accident Review Committee:

Darrell Johnson (P)                          Laura Montato (A)

Matt Chomjak (P)                             Sean Booth (A)

The Snohomish Health District will hold a COVID-19 vaccination clinic on site at Merrill Creek Admin Building on Saturday, October 23. The clinic will be open to Community Transit Employees, First Transit and Transdev contractors, and Sound Transit employees and their family members.

You must have your agency-issued ID-badge to enter the facility and family members must be escorted by the employee/contractor.

Brothers and Sisters of ATU 1576,

We all have been watching the news for several weeks now as millions of Americans face looming deadlines to get COVID-19 vaccines, as employee mandates take effect all across the country.   We were not surprised when Community Transit CEO Ric Ilgenfritz instituted a policy late last month requiring all employees to comply with company-wide vaccination mandate or face separation from employment, if no reasonable accommodation is granted to them.

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