COVID-19 vaccine clinic coming to Community Transit – Saturday, Oct. 23

The Snohomish Health District will hold a COVID-19 vaccination clinic on site at Merrill Creek Admin Building on Saturday, October 23. The clinic will be open to Community Transit Employees, First Transit and Transdev contractors, and Sound Transit employees and their family members.

You must have your agency-issued ID-badge to enter the facility and family members must be escorted by the employee/contractor.

Vaccines offered will be Janssen (J&J), a single-dose regimen, and Pfizer, two-dose regimen (a third dose/booster is required after six months). Registration for the second-dose clinic on Saturday, November 13 will occur on site when you receive your first dose.  If you are unable to make the second-dose clinic, you can schedule another date at the mass vaccination clinic at Ash Way Park & Ride, or schedule with another provider.

The CDC and FDA recommend a booster for certain occupations and those with health conditions that put them at a higher risk for COVID-19.  According to Snohomish Health District’s Health Officer Dr. Chris Spitters, and the CDC, public transit workers who received both a first and second dose of Pfizer are eligible for a booster dose provided they completed the initial vaccine series more than six months ago (prior to April 23, 2021). Our COVID-19 Vaccine Policy requires employees to get a booster as recommended by the FDA.

WHAT:  COVID-19 vaccination clinics

WHO:  Community Transit Employees, First Transit and Transdev contractors and escorted family


  • First clinic, Saturday, Oct. 23, 9 a.m.- 1 p.m.
  • Second-dose clinic, Saturday, Nov. 13, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. (Pfizer only)

WHERE: Community Transit Merrill Creek Admin Bldg. Corporate Boardroom (check in at public entrance to MCADM)


QUESTIONS: Please contact Jacob Peltier, Manager of Security & Emergency Management