CT: Rules of Conduct Policy and Possible Mandatory Overtime

Brothers and Sisters of ATU 1576,

We have a couple of items that must be reported on. 

Firstly, now that the new Rules of Conduct policy for riders is finalized and in effect, ATU1576 has demanded to bargain some aspects of the policy that we do not agree with. Throughout the process of drafting the new policy, concerns we voiced over several health and safety issues were ignored. CT is aware of these concerns through our recent communication with CEO Ric Ilgenfritz and Labor Relations Negotiator Carla Freeman.  As a result of these efforts, we have received an email this morning from CEO Ric Ilgenfritz of CT’s intent to edit the “shopping cart” intent of this policy to clarify that store-owned shopping carts are not allowed on board. We will continue to address other outstanding areas of concern that we have, and as we receive feedback from our members. Please stay tuned for updates.

Another item of great concern is unfolding at Community Transit due to manpower shortage. CT has unilaterally decided to allow Supervisors in training to volunteer to cover open work, after all other resources for filling work have been exhausted.  This is bypassing both 45 years of past practice and very clear contract language in Article 3.3 A. While ATU is more than willing to meet to discuss options to prevent the reverse seniority mandatory overtime language that would be triggered, this discussion must be collaborative between the union and management. We will continue to update our membership as we move forward in finding a solution that protects our work and our rights.