Day Two: 60th ATU International Convention

After a video recap of day one and the morning invocation, the delegates heard reports of the Credentials, Appeals, Next Generation, Para Transit and Maintenance Committees. Special guest speaker Teresa Romero, President United Farm Workers brought forth a reality we could never imagine regarding their outrageous and unsafe working conditions and disgraceful pay and no benefits whatsoever. One worker, a 72 year old man, was asked why he’s still working at 72? Brother replied, “I’m undocumented and don’t have any retirement or Social Security, what else am I supposed to do?”. Check out AB 2183 in support of unionizing their workforce. Most of the Farm Workers are immigrants without papers and when they wanted to organize the Union, management called immigration to stand by when they all came to cast their vote.
A standing ovation hearing Sister Romero’s powerful words just proves how our ATU Union Brothers and Sisters support all workers. These connections are priceless. Our overwhelming room of 640 delegates made that clear. The ATU is a compassionate and supportive yet rowdy crowd. When the moment moves us, we "Fire it up!"