Emergency Incident on Swift Sunday evening, Mar 7th

Official notice from Community Transit

CT Colleagues: 

I write with somber greetings this morning.  By now many of you have heard that we experienced a fatal shooting last night aboard a Swift coach in Everett.  Our coach operator is safe and unharmed.  Based on initial reports, the incident involved passengers.  Everett Police responded to the scene and took a suspect into custody.  EPD is now on point handling the investigation. 

A bit later this morning Employee engagement will reach out with information about resources available to support employees during difficult moments like these.  Stay tuned to email and Interact for that. In the meantime, I’d like to thank everyone who responded with calm and professionalism last night and this morning.  Please keep our coach operator and each other in your thoughts as we work through this difficult situation.  


Ric Ilgenfritz