Everett City Council and Community Transit Board of Directors initiate joint study

Everett City Council and Community Transit Board of Directors initiate joint study on possible transit system consolidation.
The Everett City Council and Community Transit’s Board of Directors this week voted to conduct a joint study to explore in greater detail what a potential transit system consolidation would entail.
The joint study, initially requested by Everett City Council in June 2021, will build on the ‘Growth Through Consolidation’ option of the Rethink Transit study and further assess the benefits, costs and other considerations associated with the potential consolidation of Everett Transit into the Snohomish County Public Transportation Benefit Area, served by Community Transit.
Work will begin after the new year by establishing a three-level project structure consisting of staff, executives and elected officials. Each level will include equal representation from both agencies. The process will be assisted by an independent facilitator and will include evaluation of the implications of a potential consolidation, including impacts to labor, Federal Transit Administration assets, service area, span of service, fares, residents, transit oversight and other operations.
The study is expected to be completed in 2023 and will include opportunities for public comment. After the study, the results will be presented to the Everett City Council to consider putting forward a transit consolidation ballot measure. It would then be up to Everett voters to make the final decision.
The joint study is a continuation of Rethink Transit, a study that finished earlier this year and gathered community feedback on the future of public transit in Everett.
To learn more, visit everettwa.gov/transitstudy.