Officer General Election Timeline

There have been a few inquiries into the timeline for mailing the Officer Election ballots, and as the Election Committee Chair, I want to make sure that everyone has accurate information. Our Local’s By-Laws state “The Election Committee, under the direction of the Financial Secretary/Treasurer, shall prepare and mail to each member eligible to vote, a Ballot, which shall be mailed no less than fifteen (15) days prior to the December election meeting”. This information was posted on union bulletin boards, online on our website, and included in an announcement of nominations and elections mailed to everyone on November 4th. This practice is in line with the International Constitution and Department of Labor guidelines as well.

Every election cycle, the Election Committee completes the work of mailing the ballots after the Tuesday nominations close as soon as they are able.  The 2022 election cycle has followed the same timeline for mailing ballots that has been in place for decades. They did a great job this year, ensuring that such a big job was done accurately and timely. 

Ballots are mailed to everyone’s home address and must be returned via USPS and in the Everett Post Office Box 880 no later than 9AM on December 20th.

As a reminder, we posted a few weeks ago that the Post Office is not open on Sunday, so the ballots will be retrieved and counted by the Election Committee on Tuesday, December 20. 

Dave Thompson, Election Committee Chair, Financial Secretary/Treasurer, ATU Local 1576.