Premium Pay Extended to May 29, 2021

Greetings Community Transit Colleagues,

We continue to monitor COVID-19-related metrics across Snohomish County and the state, including vaccination rates. The encouraging news is COVID-19 case counts appear to be flattening and the number of people vaccinated continues to climb. Combined, this data indicates we’ve entered a period of stabilization over the last few days. We expect to hear from Governor Inslee early next week as to whether our County will remain in Phase 3. 

I have decided to extend Premium Pay two more weeks to May 29. If case counts in our County continue to plateau or decline and vaccination rates continue to rise, I do not plan on extending Premium Pay further. 

All employees are now eligible to be vaccinated (70% of employees have been eligible for almost two months). Vaccination is free and appointments are now widely available, including on evenings and weekends. Vaccination is the most effective way to protect yourself and avoid infection. It also helps us to protect each other and our customers. I have received both of my vaccination shots, as have many others in the agency and an increasing number of customers we serve.  

I know some of you for medical or religious reasons are not planning to get the vaccine. This is OK, and I respect your decision. For those of you who have not yet decided whether to get the vaccine, there are many resources available on the development, approval, and safety of these vaccines to help you decide (see links below). Notably, Pfizer is in the process of seeking full FDA approval of its product, which may be determined this year.  The other vaccine makers are expected to follow suit.

For those of you who plan to be vaccinated and have not already done so, please go to to find an appointment or get more information. If you need help with this process, please reach out to Employee Engagement.

Please let your Employee Engagement representative know once you have been vaccinated. With each person who self-reports, we gain additional reassurance about the percentage of employees vaccinated. 

We are closer than ever to transitioning to a new chapter in this long and challenging pandemic. Until then, please stay safe on the job and in your community.  Thanks,