Seniority Vote is being Postponed

Dear Members at Community Transit,

It came to our attention yesterday that the seniority list options we shared had errors and must be updated. We are postponing the vote until we can correct any errors on the list and present a copy for review to all of you, prior to a vote being held.

Please discard the ballot you received in the mail, postmarked June 2024. Any ballots that are mailed in will remain at the post office until Tuesday July 23, 2024, when they will be picked up and voided.

Once we have a corrected seniority list for your review, it will be shared with all members and adequate time given to receive feedback before any future ballots are mailed out. We do not have a timeline for mailing out the next ballots, but it will be no sooner than August. The ballot will be marked "Amended".

Thank you for your patience and an understanding of our mission to ensure you are being provided with accurate information before making an informed decision. 

We will be at base on Monday July 1st, and Wednesday July 3rd from 08:00 - 16:00 to answer questions or you may call the union office at 425-259-4544 to speak to one of the Officers or to be put in touch with any of the Executive Board.

In Solidarity, 

Dani Julien

President, ATU 1576