September 2023 Newsletter

ATU 1576 September 2023 BULLETIN

Our local represents 5 properties, 7 contracts, and 14+ separate work groups. This bulletin of the local summarizes some of the important work that our Executive Officers including Kathleen Custer, President; Dani Julien, Vice President; Dave Thompson, Financial Secretary/Treasurer; and Lela Perkins, Recording Secretary have been working on. Please see the Union bulletin boards for information on our upcoming membership meeting cycle.

The Executive Board Officers have had, and continue to have, a very busy year with our five properties. They represent our members in contract negotiations, discipline meetings, grievances, perform orientation meetings for new members and participate in the bid process at our properties.


Executive Board Officer Monti Wimmer from Camano retired on Aug 11, 2023. We have posted a sign-up sheet and will be holding an election if necessary for her replacement. Until her position is filled, Executive Board Officers Traynor Hunt and Rob Bozin from Whidbey will be representing our members on Camano.


Executive Board Officer Erk Handy discovered that TransDev has been taking out dues from every paycheck including months that have 3 pay dates. Past practice by Senior Services/Homage was to prorate the dues across the month, this is not what TransDev is doing. TransDev has been collecting dues for each paycheck including months that have 3 pay periods. Fin Sec Thompson is working with Erik and TransDev accounting to resolve this issue.



We now have two primary and two alternate members to represent our drivers on the Accident Review Committee. An updated committee list has been posted on the union board.


The Supervisors and Dispatchers have a new CBA in place. We are waiting for the final proof and signed copy from management before this can be distributed to members.

We have contacted Lakewood management to resume Labor Management meetings.


Denise Gregory Wyatt has been hired as the new Labor Relations Manager and Brett Johnson has been hired into a new position of Labor Business Partner. With these two positions filled, we have made a formal request to resume bargaining for the new Transit Security Officer contract. We continue to be in contact with the group to learn what they are facing on a day-to-day basis in this new role.

There are numerous grievances going on. These cases are very complicated and take a lot of time to obtain and review the facts to prepare for the meetings. We are happy to say the wrongful termination case we have been reporting on at the Charter meetings was won at the Grievance level and the member has been returned to their position while we continue to negotiate all backpay and benefits.

Safety Issues are part of a larger issue within transit and how it affects the daily aspects of our jobs. Rachel Villa and Rise Gamble continue to work in a Labor Management subcommittee on emergency packets for employees to complete that CT is to use for assaults and/or emergency situations. This will be a companywide policy. Kim Meliza and Rise Gamble worked on the subcommittee on the Emergency response procedure for drivers. Rise is now working with Mike Swehla to get these procedures to put in a protective covering and placed in the jockey box on all coaches.

There are four test driver barrier doors that have been in service for six months now. A survey was conducted for operators to give their initial input for the first month the doors were in place. Now that more time has passed, CT will conduct another survey to gather more information. Vehicle Maintenance is working with Transportation and other departments involved in the decision-making process to conduct this survey in the next few weeks.

The entire Eboard continues to work on the Seniority/Part Time issue discussing possible solutions. We are getting close to being able to present options to the membership. Once meetings have been held, there will be a mail-in ballot sent to all members to vote on their choice.

MicroTransit Arbitration was held and unfortunately, the arbitrator took the company’s viewpoint stating this is being done all across the country. We continue to work with the ATU International office and legal team on the 13C federal violation.

The entire Executive Board met with CT in June and shared with the planning department issues and feedback we received from our members during our hallway event last year before the holidays. We will hopefully be meeting again in the September/October period for the next update in preparation for the 2024 service changes.

We continue to meet with the Joint Policy Committee exploring all options that would need to happen with an Everett Transit consolidation. We met with the leadership of Local 883 in July. While we support their decision to fight against consolidation, our focus is on how Local 1576 members and Union Sisters and Brothers of Local 883 will be impacted. We must have a plan in place or decisions will be made for us.

Rachel Villa and Osvaldo Gusman have been appointed as Accident Review Advocates for our members who are appealing their accident/incident rulings. They will be collaborating closely with the current members to learn their roles.

REMINDER: Union boards are for official postings only. Other than requests to trade work, Fin Sec/Treas Thompson or Rec Sec Perkins must approve all postings.