Updated Information: Shopping Carts on CT busses from COO Mark Holmes

Community Transit Colleagues,
Throughout the week, Executive Leadership Team has heard our employees’ concerns around potentially allowing grocery carts on our buses. This has stemmed from conversations related to the newly-released Rules of Conduct.
I want to take this opportunity to clarify for everyone that we will not permit store-owned grocery carts on our buses. On behalf of the executive leadership team, I want to apologize for the frustration and confusion that previous guidance on this topic has caused. The guidance shared earlier was a byproduct of a misunderstanding at the executive leadership level and it has since been resolved.
Rest assured, the only type of carts that are allowed on our buses are those that are collapsible, can be safely stored between the seats, and do not block the aisles.
The new Rules of Conduct are a major part of our safety & security strategy. They fill gaps in our enforcement authority and respond directly to feedback we have heard from you. Going forward, they will be the primary tool for our staff – including new Transit Security Officers next year – to maintain proper behavior aboard our services.
Thank you for sharing your concerns. Your patience during this process has been greatly appreciated. I know this has caused frustration for many and I apologize for this. We appreciate all you do every day in service to the community and riders.
Mark A. Holmes
Chief Operating Officer