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More and more people are using smartphones everyday to stay connected, informed and involved. And that’s why ATU has launched a New Mobile App.

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After a video recap of day one and the morning invocation, the delegates heard reports of the Credentials, Appeals, Next Generation, Para Transit and Maintenance Committees. Special guest speaker Teresa Romero, President United Farm Workers brought forth a reality we could never imagine regarding their outrageous and unsafe working conditions and disgraceful pay and no benefits whatsoever. One worker, a 72 year old man, was asked why he’s still working at 72?

Every three years the ATU holds a General Convention pursuant to the ATU Constituion and General Laws. The ATU 60th International Convention will be held at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV from September 19 - 23- 2022. One third of the delegates elected by Locals must be present at the convention to constitute a quorum for the business to take place.

The second day of the ATU 60th International Convention in Las Vegas, NV, featured engaging speakers and numerous convention committee reports to set a vision for the future of our Union.
International President John Costa kicked off the day thanking delegates for their leadership along with a video recap of day one before getting to convention business.
The speakers delivering messages of solidarity and support to our Union, conve

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