After having several meetings with CT, they are convinced that passengers are complying with the mask mandate over 99% of the time. It is extremely important that every time a customer refuses to comply with CDC mandate, you call them in, hit the appropriate button on the APTS and write up and event report. We need the data to be able to push CT to enforce the mandate for your safety.

Last Friday, the CDC Issued an Order that requires passengers to wear masks on all public transportation. On Sunday, the TSA distributed a Security Directive which give guidance on how to companies must implement the CDC's Order.
The ATU became aware of this change over the weekend and has been in contact with CT several times today.

The appointment of New Chairman McFerran will restore faith and credibility at the NLRB to enforce and promote the laws to protect working Americans and their families.

President Biden’s Executive Order directing federal agencies to issue mandates requiring masks on public transportation, intercity buses, trains, airports, commercial aircraft, and public maritime vessels.

ATU1576 Meetings to share information will be held via Zoom starting this Sunday, Jan 17th.

It’s Thanksgiving week now, and despite the hardships and heartaches we have faced during most of this year, there is much for which to still be grateful. 

 Our ATU family has demonstrated true resilience and great care for each other, as we carry out our essential role in our communities.  We acknowledge you for your dedication, sacrifices, and all you’ve helped us to accomplish- together. 

We are extremely proud of this hard work, and because of that, we are confident of the better days that are to come.

We want to welcome our new Recording Secretary, Lela Perkins, who was appointed by President Custer, with an overwhelming vote of support by the Executive Board.  We additionally want to thank the other ATU members, also very qualified candidates,  who wished to be considered for this position.  We appreciate you all for stepping forward!    Our local has been in great need for this important postition to be filled this year, and we are looking so forward to working with Lela going forward.  She has been, and we know will continue to be, a true champion for our members.

September 2020 ATU 1576 Bulletin

ATU 1576 has five properties, six contracts and membership continues to grow! We are pleased to share this edition of the ATU 1576 Bulletin, to keep our members informed of the news and events of the entire local.

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