From: Ric Ilgenfritz <>
Sent: Thursday, March 11, 2021 
Subject: Response to Sunday’s Tragedy

Greetings Community Transit Colleagues,

I want to provide you with an update on the status and steps we are taking in response to last Sunday’s tragic shooting event.

Official notice from Community Transit

CT Colleagues: 

I write with somber greetings this morning.  By now many of you have heard that we experienced a fatal shooting last night aboard a Swift coach in Everett.  Our coach operator is safe and unharmed.  Based on initial reports, the incident involved passengers.  Everett Police responded to the scene and took a suspect into custody.  EPD is now on point handling the investigation. 

Greetings Community Transit Colleagues,

This month we reach the one-year milestone of our COVID-19 pandemic response. Your commitment to each other and to the people we serve during this incredibly challenging year has been remarkable.

After having several meetings with CT, they are convinced that passengers are complying with the mask mandate over 99% of the time. It is extremely important that every time a customer refuses to comply with CDC mandate, you call them in, hit the appropriate button on the APTS and write up and event report. We need the data to be able to push CT to enforce the mandate for your safety.

Last Friday, the CDC Issued an Order that requires passengers to wear masks on all public transportation. On Sunday, the TSA distributed a Security Directive which give guidance on how to companies must implement the CDC's Order.
The ATU became aware of this change over the weekend and has been in contact with CT several times today.

The appointment of New Chairman McFerran will restore faith and credibility at the NLRB to enforce and promote the laws to protect working Americans and their families.

President Biden’s Executive Order directing federal agencies to issue mandates requiring masks on public transportation, intercity buses, trains, airports, commercial aircraft, and public maritime vessels.