Dear Members at Community Transit,

It came to our attention yesterday that the seniority list options we shared had errors and must be updated. We are postponing the vote until we can correct any errors on the list and present a copy for review to all of you, prior to a vote being held.

Please discard the ballot you received in the mail, postmarked June 2024. Any ballots that are mailed in will remain at the post office until Tuesday July 23, 2024, when they will be picked up and voided.

The Coach Operator seniority lists that are being shared with you are an example of what your seniority will look like for the various options. It’s possible that adjustments will be made to ensure member seniority position is accurately reflected on the seniority list ultimately chosen.

We are available for contact should you have any questions. Please call the union office at 425-259-4544 and speak with one of the Officers or to be put in contact with any of our Executive Board Officers

Your Executive Board will be at HCSO in the zone tomorrow, Jun 27th from 08:00 - 17:00 and next Wednesday, July 3rd from 10:00 - 16:00 to explain the 4 options you will be receiving on ballots in the mail to vote on the Seniority/Part Time issue. Please make a point to attend one of these sessions to make an informed decision.

Announcement to all members:
In accordance with our By-Laws and by unanimous approval of the entire Executive Board, Kim Meliza was appointed Recording Secretary of ATU Local 1576 to fill the mid-term vacancy.

REMINDER: Charter meeting Sunday, Jun 16th at 13:00 and Tuesday, Jun 18th at 10:00. We will be presenting former Pres Kathleen Custer with a Service Award for her dedication and hard work to our Local following Sunday's meeting. Come join us and show your appreciation.

In accordance with our By-Laws and by unanimous approval of the entire Executive Board, Lela Perkins was appointed Vice President of Local 1576 to fill the mid-term vacancy.

Reminder for those who signed up for Shop Steward training.

Training is this Saturday, May 18, 2024 from 10:00 - 16:00 at the Union Hall. Enter through the back door and go down the stairs to the Warren Rush Room. 

The June 2024-2025 Shop Steward sign-up sheets are posted at all our properties. We have new training materials from the International we will be using this year.

Please read the posting for all the information. Remember, this is an annual sign-up/training.